Breakthrough technologies of

sustainable commuting solutions

revealed by GreenTech Group



The autonomous driving solution included automatic tracking, obstacle identification, parking and autonomous bypass with autonomous route planing, cloud monitoring and scheduling. 

Driverless Shuttle Bus

GreenTech Driverless Shuttle Bus provides a comfortable, safety and environment-friendly public transport solution, associated with our Autonomous Driving project. 

Driverless Electric Car

GreenTech Driverless Electric Car provides the solution of sustainable transformation of lifestyles by reinventing mobility in the first and last kilometre.



GreenTech Group is a company which focuses on development of clean energy, provides the solutions for automonous driving systems and electric vehicles. We have a strong research team, which has for example developed high density battery of 330wh/kg as one of the highest in battery industry. We own 3 factories with total area of 1.6 million square meter, Equiped with stamping,welding,painting and assembling production lines of electric vehicles, with total production capacity of 150000 electric vehicles and 300000 sets of battery packs. We always provide breakthrough technologies of sustainable commuting solutions. 






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